Edna Sadberry
2 min readOct 7, 2021



I have said it before, Reparation's will not happen and here is why. I believe some white folks are willing to admit the horrifying impact of slavery. They have developed their listening and reading muscles to hold that truth because there is plenty of evidence, and it is not debatable. There are still some who will not move past the uncomfortable parts of hearing about it; basically slavery happened a long time ago get over it. Let’s talk about something else. They are firmly planted in “I don’t want to know, so stop talking”. I get that, the truth is hard to take sometimes especially when your whole life is built on a lie. You will fight to the death to protect that lie and destroy anyone in your way. We see it everyday, the Karen’s, the angry white men/boys shooting up shit, the laws that protect and serve whiteness. The list goes on and on.

Reparations will not happen because some white folks are not willing to admit the culture of enslavement embedded in this country. Going any deeper than surface comfort will not happen. Even those who claim to be WOKE have an unspoken agreement among themselves (other white folks) to stop the conversation at a certain level. We can talk about race, the income disparities and the disproportionate rates related to education, health care, banking, housing etc. etc. etc., and that is where it stops.

Long-term solutions are not encouraged and when these short, band aid solutions are proposed, the folks it will impact the most are not in the room. think about it hello, AIN’T NOBOBY TRYING TO END ANYTHING.

It is across race. We have gotten so comfortable, reacting and being angry and frustrated, hurt and disappointed that we expect it. Bringing the energy of expectation of frustration and hurt into the conversations about race, changes nothing.


DEI work will only go so far because to acknowledge and admit you benefit takes a level of courage most of us do not have. I am benefiting from race with this platform.

The roots of the pathology of race has not been addressed. There has been no apology for the wrongs done and the wrongs that continue to be done because there are no consistent consequences. There is no apology, followed by actions that will correct the wrong done.

By the way white tears, guilt , shame or any other tactic used to avoid taking action is a bunch of BS. The most powerful consequences of wrongs done are actions to correct it.

Hit that wallet, and change magically appears. Its a start.



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